The Go Kart Index

Chapter 1: The inspiration.
Chapter 2: And so it begins.
Chapter 3: For every go kart turn, turn, turn.
Chapter 4: Let’s roll!
Chapter 5: Nice body…do you work out?
Chapter 6: Love those boat tails.
Chapter 7: A little dash will do.
Chapter 8: Steering down the road of life.
Chapter 9: Don’t be so cranky.
Chapter 10: No, it’s not an airplane.
Chapter 11: Thinking more about pedals.
Chapter 12: Big engines need lots of ventilation.
Chapter 13: Does an exhaust without an engine still make noise?
Chapter 14: Is it a bonnet or a hood?
Chapter 15:Is it a trunk or a boot?
Chapter 16: Prepping for paint.
Chapter 17: Dad, that’s a whole lotta blue.
Chapter 18:Spring is here. Let’s grill.
Chapter 19: What’s in a number?
Chapter 20: Some (Re)assembly Required
Chapter 21: Brakes are overrated.
Chapter 22: It works. Crap It’s broken. Wait it’s fixed.
Chapter 23: Belt or suspenders?
Chapter 24: Gas and water, they don’t go here.
Chapter 25: A (go kart) seat fit for a king.