The Go Kart

  1. Richard Perrine says:

    what a find! i am planning to build one for my son (formula-1 style). thank you!

    • Jas says:

      Thanks Richard! I have some updates coming soon on a windshield as well as brakes. Be sure to check back, and please let me know how your project goes. Always great to see other similar projects.


  2. Jim Ware says:

    I built a model a type car for my daughter, took me 30 plus years to finish it. Now it sits in her garage. Went through a lot power trains until settled on a 350 watt scooter motor, wheels, battery and chain. Adults can kneel on the trunk and either help their kids or drive themselves. Ir’s a kick for everybody at family outings. I ended up with scrub brakes, bought kingpins and used 3/8 rod for tie bar, steering shaft and wheel. just welded a loop in the tie bar and bent a 90 degree in the shaft that fits in the loop. Pretty quick steering just right for a hot rod. Jim

    • Jas says:

      Thanks for the visit Jim, yeah this has definitely taken much longer than I anticipated, but as they say it’s the journey much more than the destination. Love to get the details on your project, sounds like just the right changes ours needs!

      • Jim Ware says:

        I just saw you went to Denios, that’s local for me in Folsom. We ought to get together some time, I can steal the car away from my daughter, charge it up and bring it along, who knows how many others have similar vehicles in the area. I am working on a 3 wheel chassis with a Schwinn 1000 watt motor and two scoter front wheels with disc brakes. I got the plans for spindles from Rickey M. Horwitz recumbent thunderbolt trike, there are several different sets on the internet, some free. As usual I modified the plans, part of it was to use what I already had, an assortment of square and rectangular tubing.

  3. Fried says:

    Wauw , i just started to build one for my son
    i send pictures when is finish, i try to put one electric engine in


  4. laurence says:

    would you be able to tell me the dimensions of the kart. im building one for my year 12 project

  5. david says:

    If you enjoy thinking about building or you are building a Cyclekart visit to join the discussion forum.

  6. This blog post The Go Kart, offers genuinely good info and I actually learned precisely what I was initially researching for.

  7. Eduardo TorresEguen says:

    I have greatly enjoyed reading each chapter. Besides I will borrow some ideas from your project if I ever find the time to start mine.

    Just had a baby, 17 month old and I felt like buying him one… when I saw that I didn’t like any I started to plan how to make it myself.

    Your kart, website and labour is an inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hartmut says:

    Wow, I like your story! I have posted a review of a couple of websites for building a pedal go kart and I have mentioned your page. It was really fun reading all the articles!
    I hope it is ok that I took your go kart banner for linking to your site?

    Your go kart is world class!


    • Jason Fabbri says:

      Thanks Hartmut. Of course, thanks for linking back. Happy to share the story. An update may be coming soon… we’re looking to build a more “adult” friendly version.

      • Hartmut says:

        Great! I am looking forward for an upgrade! 🙂
        Maybe I will do more DIY posts on my sites and I can mention you again. It’s really a great project. I like the Bugatti so much.

  9. Barron says:

    nice ride !! Now I have got 2 kids beating me down for one. Where can I find the plans ?

  10. Eitan says:

    What an awesome blog. planning on building one for my daughters, but with an electric engine. fantastic work.

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