The Go Kart

  1. Richard Perrine says:

    what a find! i am planning to build one for my son (formula-1 style). thank you!

    • Jas says:

      Thanks Richard! I have some updates coming soon on a windshield as well as brakes. Be sure to check back, and please let me know how your project goes. Always great to see other similar projects.


  2. Jim Ware says:

    I built a model a type car for my daughter, took me 30 plus years to finish it. Now it sits in her garage. Went through a lot power trains until settled on a 350 watt scooter motor, wheels, battery and chain. Adults can kneel on the trunk and either help their kids or drive themselves. Ir’s a kick for everybody at family outings. I ended up with scrub brakes, bought kingpins and used 3/8 rod for tie bar, steering shaft and wheel. just welded a loop in the tie bar and bent a 90 degree in the shaft that fits in the loop. Pretty quick steering just right for a hot rod. Jim

    • Jas says:

      Thanks for the visit Jim, yeah this has definitely taken much longer than I anticipated, but as they say it’s the journey much more than the destination. Love to get the details on your project, sounds like just the right changes ours needs!

  3. Fried says:

    Wauw , i just started to build one for my son
    i send pictures when is finish, i try to put one electric engine in


  4. laurence says:

    would you be able to tell me the dimensions of the kart. im building one for my year 12 project

  5. david says:

    If you enjoy thinking about building or you are building a Cyclekart visit to join the discussion forum.

  6. This blog post The Go Kart, offers genuinely good info and I actually learned precisely what I was initially researching for.

  7. Eduardo TorresEguen says:

    I have greatly enjoyed reading each chapter. Besides I will borrow some ideas from your project if I ever find the time to start mine.

    Just had a baby, 17 month old and I felt like buying him one… when I saw that I didn’t like any I started to plan how to make it myself.

    Your kart, website and labour is an inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hartmut says:

    Wow, I like your story! I have posted a review of a couple of websites for building a pedal go kart and I have mentioned your page. It was really fun reading all the articles!
    I hope it is ok that I took your go kart banner for linking to your site?

    Your go kart is world class!


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